I am committed to empowering first-time homebuyers with information that can help them make responsible financial decisions as they prepare for homeownership. If you are considering buying your first home, but are uncertain how to begin, let me guide you along the path towards homeownership, one step at a time.

To help you achieve your dream of homeownership, I have lenders who offer a variety of mortgage programs. Because buying a home can take several months, it’s helpful to have a strategy. Following the basic steps listed below will guide you through one the most important transactions of your lifetime, the purchase of your first home.

  1. How much can you afford? Get pre-qualified for a mortgage. (and decide which mortgage is best for you)
  2. Hire myself as your real estate agent.
  3. With my Help, we will begin searching to find the right home for you.
  4. I’ll discuss pricing with you and we’ll make an offer on a home.
  5. Sign the real estate contract!
  6. Apply for a mortgage.
  7. Get a home inspection and review results.
  8. Do a final walk through
  9. Close on your new home.