As your buyer agent I will find out your needs and wants in your potential home.

I will have you Describe your ideal home-

  • What does your dream house look like? How big is it? Does it have a porch, a basement? How many bathrooms? How much closet and storage space? How many bedrooms, windows? Does it have laundry facilities? Does it come with appliances? Does it have a garage? A backyard? I will ask you many questions to help you precisely describe the kind of home you hope to buy.

Describe your ideal neighborhood/town-

  • I have the experience and resources to guide you not only towards the right home for you, but to the right neighborhood and community, including apartment community as well. A house that seems perfect could become a source of future regret if the location and the community do not mesh with your budget, needs or lifestyle.

I will start by showing you properties that meet your needs and wants

I will develop a negotiating strategy with your best interests in mind

I will provide a market analysis to make sure we are approaching the offer accordingly

I will keep all conversation and personal information confidential

Act always in your best interests and advocate your position in negotiating.

The closing is the last step in the process of buying your home. “Closing” refers to the transaction during which you close your deal with the seller to buy a home at the same time that you close your deal with your lender to borrow a loan.

If you have been a renter of an apartment before venturing down this path to homeownership, be especially aware of the timing of the closing. Allow a week or more before your lease expires to give you ample time to paint, make any repairs and to physically move your family and your belongings into your new home. Moving often takes several days.

If you are selling a house or has industrial property for lease and is buying another, remember that you must schedule two closing dates in the right order. Be sure to “close” on your first home before you “close” on your new home so that you will have the proceeds, if applicable, from the first transaction available to you to cover some of the costs of the second transaction.


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